Hostile Terrain 94

We are honored to host the “Hostile Terrain 94” and “Legacies of Forced Migration” art projects in partnership with Binghamton University’s Material and Visual Worlds Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence.

Open: October  1, 2021 – April 2022

Hostile Terrain 94” seeks to memorialize and bear witness to the humanitarian crisis at the U.S./Mexico Border that has claimed the lives of thousands of people since the 1990s.

“Legacies of Forced Migration” highlights the stories of indigenous Maya refugees forced to migrate north from Guatemala.

Pedro Pascal Miguel and Family

Pedro (aged 76) is a husband, father, and grandfather. He and his ailing wife rely on remittances of 500 pesos ($25 USD) from his son who lives in the U.S. Pedro’s son also paid the 4,560 pesos to initiate the naturalization process. Many, however, lack financial support and cannot apply for citizenship, which protects against government detection.

Pocket created for a dress 1860s

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