PREFACE: Museums, including Roberson Museum and Science Center, are institutions steeped in tradition but surrounded by constant change. It leaves museums to constantly evaluate and fight the ever-changing battles of identity, public perception and awareness. At Roberson we strive to respond to these changes first by identifying how we can make an impact with our exhibitions, educational programs and public events, and second, doing so by reflecting what our community wants and needs us to be. In this region so incredibly rich with culture and impressive creative energy, Roberson’s Executive Director Terry McDonald wants to lead the way by cementing Roberson’s vision to be a hub of community activity in all that we offer. Here’s an example, from Terry, of how Roberson is responding to change and taking the definition of museum to the next level:



Terry McDonald, Executive Director

Museums around the world are redefining themselves. No longer are they simply passive environments where visitors shuffle through rooms filled with paintings and glass cases.
Museums are making great strides by asking questions like: How do you bring the past to life? How do you make educational exhibitions relevant and exciting for today’s audiences?


At Roberson Museum and Science Center, these questions are being met by some of the most innovative ideas to hit the museum world. The Civil War is Roberson’s first-rate exhibition revealing the stories of how the War impacted our region. Here, twelve real-life individuals are presented through compelling images, videos and historic artifacts.

Now, Roberson is blending exhibition skills with performance artistry to bring extraordinary creativity to story-telling. Award-winning playwright, Laura Cunningham has written a play entitled “Apron Strings” that draws on characters and events described in The Civil War.

The outcome? A partnership of museum and acting talents that brings the past to life.


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