STEAM Summer Camp

Summer Camp registration now closed. Thank you to everyone who joined us!

Summer Camps at Roberson give kids a way to engage in indoor and outdoor activities–keeping young minds sharp. These week-long summer camps are all led by a team of experienced educators who will foster your child’s passion for forensic science, wildlife, film, fitness, and much more!

Safety is always a priority. We are limiting number of campers to 10; requiring masks at all times; and keeping a daily disinfectant log. Read Roberson’s Camp Safety protocols here.

Summer Camp 2022 registration will be up February/March.


STEAM Spring Break Camps image - STEAM Summer Camp

Date & Time

June 28 – September 3, 2021, 9AM – 3PM

Before care (8 – 9AM) and after care (3 – 5:15PM) are offered at a nominal fee of $30 per week.


Currently in Grades 2 – 8


Price for an entire week is $172 for Roberson members, and $215 for non-members. We’ve also added an option for parents to make $25 deposits and pay later. Deposits are non-refundable.

2021 Summer Camps

Registration for summer camps is now closed.

Monday, June 28th – Friday, July 2nd 

  • (Registration Closed) Lights, Camera, Action! (Grades 5-7) Explore flip books, stop-motion, and programmed animation, as we spend this week putting art into motion! This popular camp walks students through the history and technology of animated film- culminating in campers scripting, filming, and editing their own Claymation short. Campers will receive a digital copy of their completed projects at the end of the week to take home and show family and friends.


Monday, July 5th – Friday, July 9th

  • (Registration Closed) *New* Outdoor Art (Grades 2-4) Art imitates nature, so we may as well dive into nature to make art! Splatter paint, experiment with sand, and explore all the mediums of art that are just too big and wild to be kept indoors.


  • (Registration Closed) Forensic Science (Grades 5-7) Can you crack the case? Campers will enter the museum to find that a crime has occurred in the mansion! They will spend the week exploring the world of forensic science as they conduct evidence analysis, witness interrogation and fingerprinting to solve the mystery. At the conclusion of the camp, students will conduct a trial with a jury where they’ll attempt to prove their case using the evidence they have collected.


Monday, July 12th – Friday, July 16th

  • (Registration Closed) Time Travelers (Grades 4-6) Travel with us across the globe as we explore civilizations throughout history. This camp combines history, art, and science for an engaging and interactive experience. Learn how the Egyptians used simple machines, gladiators built the first chariots, and how Native Americans tracked the seasons with the stars.


  • (Registration Closed) Space Explorers (Grades 5-7) Explore, observe, design, and communicate just like scientists at NASA do!  Conduct a space-dust analysis in our lab, explore the objects that orbit our galaxy through presentations in our Digital Planetarium, and design your own model rocket. Learn what lies in and beyond our galaxy, and the way science and math can help us discover it!


Monday, July 19th – Friday, July 23rd 

  • (Registration Closed) Wildlife Wonders (Grades 2-4) Calling all animal lovers! Join us as we use our popular exhibition Nature Trek, featuring life-sized trees and animals from Roberson’s collection, to explore how animal adaptations have helped form diverse ecosystems. Campers will experience vision as a nocturnal animal, design their own bird beaks, and learn ways to protect our planet’s special creatures!


  • (Registration Closed) Get Ready to Code (Grades 4-6) Take a week-long dive into the world of computer science as we take you behind the scenes of your favorite programs, games, and apps. Students will learn the history of computers, the foundations of logic, and build skills to code their very own programs in Scratch.


Monday, July 26th – Friday, July 30th

  • (Registration Closed) *New* Need for Speed! (Grades 4-6) Ready, set, go! In this engineering camp we will explore the physics behind speed. We’ll investigate the impacts of friction, gravity, and more as you design balloon powered cars, propeller boats, and homemade miniature roller coasters.


  • (Registration Closed) Art Masters (Grades 6-8) Let’s get inspired! Learn the art techniques and scientific methods used behind some of the world’s most famous works of art. We’ll create original pieces inspired by Claude Monet, Picasso, and Andy Warhol- as well as take inspiration from art in the museum. We’ll explore how advances in technology have impacted the way art is made, from materials to distribution.


Monday, August 2nd – Friday, August 6th 

  • (Registration Closed) Sticky Icky and Weird (Grades 2-4) Join us as we explore all things bizarre in this thoroughly creepy and crawly week of science. Build insect mazes, explore the bodies’ strangest functions and make bubbling concoctions in this wacky week of camp perfect for the crazy scientist. 


  • (Registration Closed) Go Green Boot Camp (Grades 5-7) From designing their own windmill, to building water filtration systems, campers will spend this week learning how we can take better care of our planet. Use recycled materials to build tools, create art, and much more in this week of giving back to nature.


Monday, August 9th – Friday, August 13th

  • (Registration Closed) Can You Escape? (Grades 4-6) Based on the popular Escape Room phenomenon, campers will spend the week completing mental, and physical challenges to escape different rooms throughout the week! From obstacle courses to riddles and rhymes; you’ll need your wits about you in this fun, imaginative, and challenging camp.


  • (Registration Closed) Kitchen Chemistry (Grades 6-8) Ever wonder what makes a good cookie, good? Join us in the kitchen as we explore the science behind some of your favorite treats. Learn the difference between baking powder and baking soda, experiment with Kool-aid, use dry ice to make your own ice-cream, and much more!


Monday, August 16th – Friday, August 20th

  • (Registration Closed) There’s No Place Like Space (Grades 2-4) Up, up and away! In this week of camp, you will learn all about our galaxy and beyond. Create exoplanet inspired art, watch shows in our digital planetarium and design your own constellations!


  • (Registration Closed) Video Game Design (Grades 5-7) Ever wonder how your favorite games are created? Have you wished you could make your own? In this week of camp, we will discuss the fundamentals of game design and teach you the coding basics you’ll need to develop your own game on Scratch! Campers will digitally create their own characters and backgrounds then code a scoring system with a multi-level game you can play from anywhere you have access to a computer.


Monday, August 23rd – Friday, August 27th 

  • (Registration Closed) *New* Wonderful Water World (Grades 2-4) Look out, you’re in the splash zone! Campers will spend the week exploring the wonders of water from the smallest molecule of H20, to the mysteries of our oceans deep. Prepare to get a little messy as we learn how to build dams, boats, miniature water parks, and more! Students will investigate how we can use water to create clean renewable energy and showcase what they’ve learned through a culminating project.


  • (Registration Closed) Tinker Time (Grades 5-7) Ever wonder what the inside of a clock looks like? How do your favorite apps run? In this camp we will explore how things work, from simple machines all the way to circuits and coding. Campers will use what they’ve learned and their imagination to design their own inventions.


Monday, August 30th – Friday, September 3rd

  • (Registration Closed) *New* Citizen Scientists (Grades 4-6) In the age of connection, scientists are becoming increasingly interested in engaging community collaborators to gather data. In this camp, students will learn the ways in which they can actively participate and contribute to on-going scientific research in their communities. Learn how to track invasive species on trees, test water quality, and classify galaxies. Students will submit their findings to real national research databases!

Support provided by the general operations support grants from the United Cultural Fund, a program of the Broome County Arts Council; the Conrad and Virginia Klee Foundation; the Zoos, Botanical Gardens and Aquariums Program, administered by the New York State Office of Parks, Recreational, and Historical Preservation; and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.