Museum From Home


Let’s learn through play! Enjoy these step-by-step videos and written tutorials filled with hands-on activities by Roberson that you can do with materials from around your house.

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Science of Sound

In this 1-hour STEAM recorded workshop, educator Anne guides us as we explore the science of sound! Create sounds with household objects and design your own musical shaker!

Let's Make Recycled Art!

Let your creativity shine and help the environment with these DIY projects that reuse and recycle materials around your home.

Coding with Scratch

Through this workshop, we’ll learn how to code using Scratch. Scratch is a free programming environment from MIT designed for kids. By snapping together coding blocks, youth can make games, cartoons, and more! In this one-hour demonstration, we will teach you and your kids the basics of coding with Scratch and demonstrate how to design your own simple video game project on the platform.

Kitchen Chemistry

Follow along with this workshop as we use everyday ingredients to create color changing milk, invisible ink, lemon volcanoes and a magical pepper dance party.

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Four Seasons Handprint (Grades K – 2)

Let’s learn about the four seasons through crafting. In a fun creative way, kids can decorate their handprinted tree with the leaves, animals, weather patterns, and activities you would find on or near trees throughout the year.



Build a Water Filter (Grades 3 – 5)

Clean water is a very important resource for everyone, and climate change may be affecting our ability to access it. Explore water pollution and how the process of filtration works in this experiment.




Create a Water Cycle in Your Home (Grades K – 2)

Use household items to create a miniature model that will demonstrate the process of the water cycle.




Make a Solar Oven (Grades 6+)

Study the impact of the greenhouse effect, and have a tasty snack, by building a solar oven right at home!





Happy Earth Day Pop-Up Card (Grades 3 – 5)

Let’s get crafting! While we are stuck inside, let’s bring some cheer to someone close to us. Follow these directions to make a “Happy Earth Day” pop-up card.





Generate Energy from Wind (Grades 6+)

How are windmills helping to reverse climate change? This activity helps us think about ways we can help to reverse climate change–all from your own home.





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