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April 10, 2020
10 Apr 2020

Digital Backgrounds

Call into your next video meeting in style from Alonzo Roberson’s study–or perhaps you’d like to like to showcase your enthusiasm for model trains. Download one or all of these free digital backgrounds and enhance your next video chat.

Right-click on the highlighted link, click “Save Link As,” and enjoy your new background.


Alonzo Roberson’s Study

Women had their sanctuaries, as did men. This was where Mr. Roberson would conduct his private business. It holds a washroom and a liquor cabinet and private door to a back porch. Solitude certainly is rich.

Download a high-res image of Mr. Roberson’s study.

Parlor Room

The Parlor room represents an important space for high-society women during the Gilded Age, as they could not meet outside of the home without being accompanied by a male relative or spouse. Margaret Roberson was part of a group of women who would rotate holding weekly calling hours in their parlors.

Download a high-res image of the Roberson Mansion parlor room



These critters have the most dexterous hands making them quite the night-time burglars–no garbage can lid can stop these opposable thumbs!

Download a high-res image of the raccoons.

Ground Birds

There’s more than just birds lurking in the tall grass.

Download a high-res image of the ground birds.


These birds are just a tiny sample of the specimens housed at Roberson, which all came from one man, Lee Loomis.

Download a high-res image of the birdhouse birds.


Link Pilot Maker

Developed by Binghamton native Edwin Link, the first simulator he made was built out of piano and organ parts from his father’s factory.

Download a high-res image of Edwin Link’s flight simulator.

Model Train exhibition

The model exhibition is one of the largest in the region–a recreation of what the region looked like back in the 1950s (as well as sporting some headline events).

Download a high-res image of the model train room.